Living in NYC for the last 10 years has been an eye-opening experience. I think I’ve seen it all—then something new and startling crosses my path. Recently, that shock to my system was courtesy of Stan. A Homeless Musician with Amazing Equipment Sadly, the homeless population is always in a state of flux; lately, it […]

Back to Square One: Chris’s Story

Sounds in subway tunnels travel. Footsteps, voices, and the mechanical calls of subways themselves bounce their noises off the walls, carried farther distances than they would above ground. The last time I was in a subway tunnel, I stopped in my tracks when the music of a violin echoed into my ears. I wasn’t sure […]

David’s Faith in Music

For some people, worship in church is the best way to raise their spirits. For others, nothing is more uplifting than heartfelt music. But for people like David, music and faith are inseparable. “I’m here every day, not just on Sundays,” David tells me when I stopped to talk to him outside of a chapel […]

Several weeks ago, I was walking in the downtown area and heard some music that made me stop in my tracks. As a musician myself, I find it refreshing when I stumble upon someone who plays in a way that demonstrates the depths of their passion and emotions. It’s not something that’s often found on […]

This is Derrick: Music Keeps Him Going

I found Derrick on this corner playing some of the most beautiful Creole music that I have ever heard. He’s had his trumpet since he joined the middle school band, and he’s fallen in love with it ever since. While he did enjoy the trumpet, he wasn’t passionate about marching band, so by the time […]

What’s Your Excuse?

I often find myself explaining in great detail why I can’t do something I want to. There are always extenuating circumstances that seem to prevent me from accomplishing the things that I think I deserve. Recently, however, I began to wonder if perhaps the only thing that’s holding me back is me. Maybe my circumstances […]

Meet George. He’s a man with an enchanting talent for acoustic guitar and heartbreaking story that is becoming all too familiar. A few weeks ago, I was taking a walk through the park, when I heard his music. Something about it seemed very touching, and I found myself compelled to talk to the man who […]

This website is the process of being re-purposed , but if you are a fan of Homeless Hill the Band, then there are lots of other places to connect with them. Whether you want to download our songs or if you’re in the mood to stream us on Spotify. Whatever your preference, here are some […]

Our New Mission

This website is a personal project of mine and is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I am always amazed at the musical talent from within the homeless community.  Whether its a homeless man playing a saxophone for tips in the subway or a singing homeless man serenading beautiful ladies in order […]

This story is a great one and exactly what I am talking about.  A homeless man who amazingly claims that he is completely unable to read music has created a lot of buzz in Vancouver when he sat down and payed a used piano loacted in a second hand store there.   he was called […]