This story is a great one and exactly what I am talking about.  A homeless man who amazingly claims that he is completely unable to read music has created a lot of buzz in Vancouver when he sat down and payed a used piano loacted in a second hand store there.   he was called onlookers a virtuoso and even brought many to tears.  This is a wonderful story and I recommend that you watch this video.

“It’s amazing it’s really beautiful,” says assistant manager Rebecca Gore. “I showed a video of him playing to a piano teacher and she pointed out immediately that he’s using his left hand as a primary and his right hand to play the melody.”

And he is not alone, there are hundreds of vidoes of homeless people being able to play beautifully on the piano. Here is just another one I found without much effort at all.



Headed back into the studio at the end of the month to record some new songs! We’ve had a ton of people hit us up at our recent shows to tell us how much they like the newer tunes we’ve written. That’s a great excuse for us to record some of them! We’ve chosen Chris Lyon to engineer the project and are currently looking at 2 studios in Atlanta. Chris is one of the sound techs at Athfest in Atlanta and is also a technical advisor for the GMIA (Georgia Music Industry Association). He is a graduate of SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Atlanta.

We’ve also been approached by Red Wave Productions out of Orlando who work out of Michael “Elvis” Baskette’s studio, “Studio Barbosa.” Michael is known for his work with Alterbridge, Incubus, Chevelle and more. We’ll keep you posted.