Meet George. He’s a man with an enchanting talent for acoustic guitar and heartbreaking story that is becoming all too familiar.

A few weeks ago, I was taking a walk through the park, when I heard his music. Something about it seemed very touching, and I found myself compelled to talk to the man who was playing it.

I found out that he’s lived a long and fulfilling life right here in the state of Florida. But things haven’t been so easy lately. George lost his home to foreclosure six months ago. He uses his guitar to earn tips to buy food and other basic necessities.

This isn’t uncommon in this state. According to a Clearwater foreclosure attorney at Ziegler Law Office, one in 74 housing units are affected by foreclosure in the state of Florida. That is well-above the national average.

I dug a little deeper into this issue, and what I found was disheartening. The foreclosure lawyer also informed me that of the top 10 cities suffering from high foreclosure rates, nine are located in Florida. With figures like these, it’s obvious that something needs to be done.

George has somehow found a way to rise above the drama associated with the local housing crisis. While he acknowledges he’s in a tough spot, he says his music helps him cope.

We say…play on, George!