What’s Your Excuse?

I often find myself explaining in great detail why I can’t do something I want to. There are always extenuating circumstances that seem to prevent me from accomplishing the things that I think I deserve.

Recently, however, I began to wonder if perhaps the only thing that’s holding me back is me. Maybe my circumstances will never be perfect, but I should constantly be moving in the right direction no matter what. I owe this newfound introspection to a man named Barry.

Barry can make a seemingly random assortment of objects sound amazing. With just a collection of odds and ends, as well as a pair of drum sticks, this man can make kids gather around and dance their hearts out with his music.

After watching one of his impressive musical performances, I stuck around to have a conversation with him. I was compelled to know more about the man behind the beat–especially since he was homeless.

It turns out that Barry has been a drummer since he was 13 years old. Before he lost his home, we was a member of a jazz band that used to play a few shows around town.

What really struck me about this man, aside from his relentless optimism in spite of difficult circumstances, was his unwillingness to back down from life. When he had to take to the streets, there was never a moment where he though his love for percussion would have to take a backseat.

He immediately began scouring the streets for items that other people tossed aside, and he gathered them up in his collection. No matter what was going on in his life, he always found a way to make a beat. It’s his passion, and he lets nothing stand in his way.

I think the majority of people would be better off with this kind of an attitude. I know a couple who have been married for several years and desperately want to have kids, but they always put off trying. They always have a reason why now isn’t the perfect time. I’m no longer sure a perfect time exists. If you want something, you need to go for it. Now. Like, right this second.

Take a lesson from Barry’s book. Don’t let anything get you down, and don’t let anything hold you back. No matter what your situation is, you can always find a way to come out on top. Your definition of success may not match up with everyone else’s, but when you’re living your dream, that won’t matter. If you need even more convincing, consider the homeless music man Barry.